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Baroness Dorian Gayle

Type: Sluagh

Class: Gentry

Rank: Baroness

Court: Unseelie

Realm Tree: Barony of Gryphon's Vale, County of Shadowrose Duchy of Dragons Rest, Kingdom of Storms, New Faerie

Background: Once Upon a Time...[]

Baroness Gayle is one of the longest standing residents of the Kingdom of Storms, being one of the few to have made it through the Long Winter. She is the second Sluagh to reestablish connections with the royal family, having been a family friend and loyal resident.

During the Old Kingdom, her lands were a bit more south but with the New Kingdom, she has once again lent her considerable resources and efforts toward rebuilding - however subtle they ay be. In recognition of her dedication, she was allowed to expand her Barony to cover the area from the Columbia River south to approximately the Canterbury Fae Hollow.

She now focuses on rebuilding the Enchanted Lands not only for old friends, but as a new place for her own children safely grow into their with a sense of wonder and ownership.

Faerie Heraldry[]

GryphonsVale 003.gif

Located in the geographical area surrounding the greater City of Roses (Portland), in the Duchy of Dragon's Rest, Kingdom of Storms. It is ruled by Baroness Dorian Gayle. Heraldic Registry

Awards, Titles, Honorifics[]

Rank: Baroness

Honorifics: Lady