Heraldry[edit | edit source]

Realm Tree: Duchy of Lilac Fields, Kingdom of Storms, New Faerie

Ducal Gentry: Princess Lolly Kilrain

Crest: Old Kingdom, square check border alternating Laeg (green) and Niveous (white), Caran (red) & Niveous, Kul (orange) & Niveous, Elu (light blue) & Niveous against Saltire ordinary, depicting a charge of the Four Seasons: Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter (deosil from the top)

Seasons Sigil LG.gif

Folkore[edit | edit source]

Seasons 1.jpg

The Barony of Seasons is the northernmost Barony of the Duchy of Lilac Fields. It consists of one

During the time of the Old Kingdom,

Notable Places[edit | edit source]

  • Lilac City (Spokane, WA)
  • Wildhorse Monument (Grant, WA)

Census[edit | edit source]

Name Title Barony County Duchy Kingdom
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