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Elementals of Self

NOTE: This item card is available by Quest only, to patreon/youtube members at the Trouping Level or higher.

►ITEM Butterflytes: Need a lift?  Bearer may call upon a flurry of butterflies that will lift or float them a short distance such as to break a fall or scale a building

►FORMULAE: 1 Use each, before Magical Refill required. Remember to contact an Ovate and let them know that you have used your Enchanted Item.

►JOIN: Our YouTube and/or Patreon to automatically entered into every Enchanted Item drawing that we do!

►SHOP: Our currently available Enchanted Items at The Gilded Quill

►Butterflyte 1 of 3: Nickel of Hades Canyon

►Butterflyte 2 of 3: Flora the Fairy

►Butterflyte 3 of 3: TBD, Quest in Progress

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