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Realm Tree: Duchy of Dragons Rest, Kingdom of Storms, New Faerie

County Gentry: Count Albin Morbid III

Crest: New World, triple braid of Nalairin (purple), Morn (black) and Mith (Grey) against Morn (black) Ordinary, depicting a Crescent Moon with Rose charge.


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The County of Shadowrose comprises the area around Vancouver, WA northward to approximately Chehalis, WA.

During the Old Kingdom, it was known as the Barony of Glass Stones, under the oversight of a Sidhe by the name of Baron Thomas. Glass Stones was long since abandoned and its Lord nevermore seen as Long Winter encroached and eventually overtook the enchanted realms.

Years passed and as the Great Thaw began to eventually spread once more across the realm, a former resident of the the Duchy of Dragon’s Rest - Count Morbid - managed to survive the harsh season and re-awakening in the area of The Fort City (Vancouver, after Ft. Vancouver). He had migrated across the river from the City of Roses and upon re-establishing his connections with the crown, he was formally awarded the entire Duchy of Dragon’s Rest, with the Barony of Glass Stones as his personal demense. Given new naming rights, he promptly decided that the new designation for the lands would be the County of Shadowrose.

Now, Shadowrose is the county in which both the Fairyblossom Midsummer Games are held, as well as the location of the Largest Egg in the World.  There is also rumoured to be a collection of Old Kingdom artifacts in not far from the Largest Egg, in an old storage warehouse which belongs to Ser Nettle the Jackalope.

Notable Places[]

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Fairyblossom: Pe Ell, Red Hawk Avalon, WA. This is the location of the annual Midsummer Games Festival. Held always on the last weekend of June, it is a sportsmanlike weekend of gaming and competition between the Seelie and Unseelie courts. Winner takes the Grand Pennon for the year.

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The World's Largest Egg: Winlock, WA. This small town, with its strange collection of art-Roosters is home to the Guinness Book of World Records Largest Egg. In the New Kingdom, there has been some to-do about a hidden room in a storage warehouse which is believed to hold several artifacts from the Old Kingdom. The owner of this room is Ser Nettle the Jackalope, who won it (via winning the Largest Egg at the Beaster Market Egg Hunt) but Ser Nettle has not been available to so the room with no stairs remains largely unexplored.


Name Title Barony County Duchy Kingdom Contact
Albin Morbid III Count Fort City Shadowrose Dragon's Rest Storms
Alterum Lameness Shadowrose Dragon's Rest Storms
Branwyn Briar Shadowrose Dragon's Rest Storms
Dorian Gayle Baroness Gryphon's Vale Dragon's Rest Storms
Lour Gryphon's Vale Dragon's Rest Storms
Murgo the Magnificent Storms
Nettle Ser Gryphon's Vale Dragon's Rest Storms
Poppy Renot Duchess Emeritus Storms
Scrylla Lute Royal Beancounter Gryphon's Vale Dragon's Rest Storms
Talon Gryphon's Vale Dragon's Rest Storms
Tinker Shadowrose Dragon's Rest Storms