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The Duchy of Dragon's Rest is comprised of the following lands: County of Shadowrose, Barony of Gryphon's Vale and the Barony of Firehill. It is currently ruled by Count Albin Morbid III. As the remaining Gentry of rank in the lands, and one of the few survivors of the Long Winter, these Duchy became the purview of the Count, who refuses to change his honorific to match his station because (quote) "DUKE Morbid sounds ridiculous and not nearly creepy enough."

During the Old Kingdom this Duchy (or at least a good portion of what it is now) fell under the rule Duchess Julianna Heartstrong & Duke Fulgrim Stormgard. Both were known for their heavy-handed approach to ruling and covetousness for ever greater power. It was rumored on more than one occasion that they had seeded plots to seize the throne for themselves. It never came to be however as the encroaching Long Winter took them both, never to reawaken with the Great Thaw.

Notable Places[]

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  • Abiqua Falls
  • Arcadia Beach
  • Fairyblossom: Pe Ell, Red Hawk Avalon, WA. This is the location of the annual Midsummer Games Festival. Held always on the last weekend of June, it is a sportsmanlike weekend of gaming and competition between the Seelie and Unseelie courts. Winner takes the Grand Pennon for the year.
  • Canterbury Fae Hollow: Silverton, OR. This is one of the several locations that the FAE have carved out a Hollow for themselves amidst the annual Renfaire. Here, where the boundaries between realms is suspended, they manifest a magical Hollow for the enjoyment of those humans who would visit.


Name Title Barony County Duchy Kingdom Contact
Albin Morbid III Count Fort City Shadowrose Dragon's Rest Storms
Alterum Lameness Shadowrose Dragon's Rest Storms
Branwyn Briar Shadowrose Dragon's Rest Storms
Dorian Gayle Baroness Gryphon's Vale Dragon's Rest Storms
Lour Gryphon's Vale Dragon's Rest Storms
Murgo the Magnificent Storms
Nettle Ser Gryphon's Vale Dragon's Rest Storms
Poppy Renot Duchess Emeritus Storms
Scrylla Lute Royal Beancounter Gryphon's Vale Dragon's Rest Storms
Talon Gryphon's Vale Dragon's Rest Storms