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High King Finvarra.jpg

Type: Sidhe

Class: Gentry

Rank: High King

Court: Seelie

Realm Tree: Kingdom of Connaught, High Kingdom of Hibernia,New Faerie

Background: Once Upon a Time...[]

Finvarra, (also called FinvaraFinn BhearaFinbeara or Fionnbharr), is the King of the Daoine Sidhe of western Ireland in Irish folklore. In some legends, he is also the King of the Dead. Finvarra is a benevolent figure who ensures good harvests, a master at chess, strong horses, and great riches to those who will assist him. However, he also frequently kidnaps human women.

Faerie Heraldry[]

KnockmaaHill Crest NewFaerie1.gif

Heraldic Registry

Awards, Titles, Honorifics[]

Rank: High King

Honorifics: Your Royal Majesty, Your Grace