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"Is ait an mac an saol." --Ancient Leprechaun vocation.

Ion the Leprechaun pondering

Type: Leprechaun

Class: Gentry


Court: Seelie

Realm Tree: Barony of Clouds, County of Northern Skye, Duchy of Cascadia, Kingdom of Storms, New Faerie

Background: Gotta keep your eye on...[]

The reason you don't get a leprechaun's gold unless you catch them is they are notoriously evasive and Ion is no exception to that idiom. Is Ion even his name? It seems to be a play on words.

Ion has been most secretive about his past. What follows is what we have been able to painstakingly extract from him about that past. Ion was born to common parents in the Kingdom of Apples.It seems when he was small he assisted a shopkeeper by counting beans which lead to a love of numbers.

He must have been very fascinated with everything that humans do and how they do it. The ways they go to and fro. The things they can build and those crystals they have wich can make rainbows. Leprechauns all seem to love rainbows...where so much of their magic comes.

He has claimed to travel to the Kingdom of the Burning Sun to learn more of the ways of humans. He must have shared many magical feats to trade for the knowledge he has gleaned. Though he always struggles with the words to describe it.

After leaving the Kingdom of Burning Sun, he traveled to the Emerald city, maybe he just fancies green. There he found and began to assist Fairy Princess Lolly on her many adventures. His magic was most helpful in the start of Fairyblossom Festival. Today he can be found helping in the background and participating in many shenanigans. He regularly attends the super sekret fairy council meetings though otherwise you need to keep you eye out for him.

Faerie Heraldry[]

Ion is not in the Heraldic Registry

Awards, Titles, Honorifics[]



Titles: Prospect of the Order of the Sceptre




  • Ion does not like to be teased about his height
  • He does not like to be entirely captured on camera
  • He hobby is a fascination with human magic aka science!