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Realm Tree: Kingdom of Burning Sun, Turtle Island

Royal Gentry: Unestablished; Stewardship of the High Crown of Knockmaa Hill.

Crest: New World: triple braid of Caran (red), Kul (orange) and Valen (yellow) against Kul and Valen desert sunset depicting a charge of a Valen sun above Kul pueblo, crowned

Old World: double check, circular of two

Notable Places[]

BurningSun Map2.jpg

Duchy of Blacksalt

  • County of Mountains & Sand

Duchy of Yellow Rose

  • County of the End of Tears
    • Barony of Obsidian Dreams
  • County of the River of Dragons

Duchy of Wilde Oaksmead

  • County of Marshfort (Baton Rouge)

Duchy of Running River

  • County of Hidden Splendor
    • Barony of Flowering Trees (San Antonio)


The New Kingdom: After the Long Winter, Burning Sun is left without a monarch, and indeed almost no known enchanted folk of any kind. Only very recently with the Spring Thaw have a few souls begun to reawaken and find their way across the Hedge. Whether or not they take up a revival remains to be seen...

The Old Kingdom:The Kingdom of Burning Sun covers a large swath of the south central including Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Arkansas and New Mexico).  It is divided into four Duchies: Blacksalt, Yellow Rose, Wild Oaksmead and Running River.

Morwynne Greyhawk3.jpg

The last known monarch was Queen Morwynne "Greyhawk" Azuryte Wind, though very little is known about her, or what happened to her in the events which lead up to the Long Winter, from which she never awoke. The only known Duchess was Blodwyn, but she too was lost to the cold.

Orders & Guilds[]


Name Title Barony County Duchy Kingdom Contact
Morwynne Wind Queen Black Salt Burning Sun