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:**:Fairy Princess Lolly:**:Pic: Loren Sebastian de la Osa

"I Kaimel Coa." ~ "The Dream Lives." --Elvish saying

Type: Sidhe

Class: Gentry

Rank: Princess

Court: Seelie

Realm Tree: Duchy of Dragons Rest, Kingdom of Storms, New Faerie

Princess of Storms []

Her Royal Highness Fatima Tempest Kilrain ni Fiona
Crown Princess of Storms
Duchess of Lilac Fields and Cascadia
High Lady of The Emerald City
Lord Magistrate of the Parliament of Dreams
Ard Deirfiúr of the Crystal Circle
Order of the Silver Oak

Founder of FAE (Fantasy Arts & Entertainment) Productions

Princess Lolly's formal signature.

Faerie Heraldry[]

Crest: In the Heraldic Registry New Kingdom, Circular triple braid of Carn (pink), Carn Light, Niveous (White) against a ombre Chief Ordinary of carn to niveous, with Celtic knot stylized fairy, crowned; above name banner.

Personal Sigil

Background: Once Upon a Time...[]

Old Kingdom Sigil

Born at a regal citadel called Castle Dragonsong (Crown Point, by mortal cartography), just outside the City of Roses (Portland, OR).  Four dragons, one from each corner of the earth, gathered to herald the birth of this little royal baby and their song sang out across the land! It became rapidly apparent at a young age that she was given to exceedingly sparkly dresses and sweet treats - thus her nom de plume: Lolly.

As a youngling, she was mentored and tutored by a wizened old creature named Calador. It was he who brought her forth into the Dream and nurtured her from a young age. This time is relatively undocumented but it is known that she was a happy child, if possessed of a streak for mischievousness and practical jokes.

CoE Fairies FaerieMagic Diploma1.jpg

Eventually, she graduated to study at the Fairy Academy of Tír Eolas ("Place of Knowledge" in Gaelic). Here studied the Noble Arts (Music, Calligraphy & Literature, Strategy, Handcraft), and of the three traditional fairy Heroic Games (Cards, Chess and Dice), she took a liking to that board game of ebony and ivory. This is also where she received accolades in not only on the art of Glamour Magic, but also Hedgecraft, Crystal Healing and Flower & Aromatherapy. It was during this time that House Fiona took note of her beauty and made efforts to successfully recruit her, and Having flare for academia however, she has continued her studies (primarily at the Sidhe Grove) throughout her life and even gone on to develop lessons, spells and rituals of her own.

Immediately after leaving Academy, she was plunged into the boiling cauldron of Faerie politics in what is now referred to as The Old Kingdom. It was during this era that she developed her political acumen, serving as the speaker in the House of Lords, eventually rising to become the High Lady of House Fiona and governing much of the administrative function and growth of her Kingdom.

Studying on a Snail

The time of the Old Kingdom though, like a long-ago fairytale, froze over with the hoarfrost of cold Winter. The denizens of the land faded into forgetting or slowed into the stasis of deep hibernation until there was hardly a whisper left of the time before.

A New Dream[]

As the old world of fae fell into decline amidst biting politics, betrayal and even war in some places, Lolly slowly withdrew from society all but unnoticed. It was clear that the old way, staunch traditionalism and refusal to evolve with a changing world would lead to the atrophy of realm she once knew.

Quietly, she took her own spark of glamour within and ventured outward into the world of humans - granted they were were the creatives, the weird, the odd and eclectic and fantastical humans - but she integrated among them and eked out a little place in the Renaissance Faire circuit.

Cover art by Herb Leonhard!

Here, she put her skill in the Noble Arts of literature and handcraft to work and built a small magic shop that specialized in handmade magical supply: books, wands, potions, quills and other items of esoteric interest. She also used this time to write a 'Living Fairytale' children's book Princess Lolly & the Will o'Wisp Hunt: a story based on the true events at the faires and festival around her.

It was here that she keep the Dream alive. First at Ye Merrie Greenwood, then Canterbury & 2 Rivers Fae Hollow, and so on. In this sort of in between realm, where humans suspended their disbelief for just a little bit in order to step into another place and time, Lolly applied herself to learning all that she could about event production, entertainment and market merchanting.

During this interlude, she also applied herself to learning some media and videography arts in an effort to move with the modern times - she was an urban fairy after all. She created a portal into her world on the YouTubes and via Ye Olde Book of Faces. She gathered with friends in their virtual Fae Hollow and crossed The Hedge via Discord.

Several years passed and eventually she struck out to manifest a little fantasy event of her own, with a focus on Fae and Folkore: Fairyblossom Festival. Perhaps it was the call of the dream, perhaps it was truth in the old adage "If you build it they will come.", but soon enough others began to awaken and she was joined by Count Albin Morbid III and Baroness Gayle, two of her most steadfast family friends from the Old Kingdom. New friends also began to emerge: Jarl Hammerhands, Ion the Leprechaun, Famous Dana...and each year a few more and growing.


Slowly, the Great Thaw has spread across the Kingdom and enchantment springs forth once more. Now, this new court, New Kingdom, and so many newly enchanted beings gather together several times a year for fun, games and celebrations.

Now, it is the goal of Princess Lolly and her closest confidants to find a swath of land in the human realm where they can manifest their vision of Dreamhaven: a permanent event venue for magical, fantastical and otherwise geeky-gamey gatherings.

Fairyblossom Festival: Midsummer Games[]

With the reestablishment of the Kingdom of Storms, Princess Lolly has petitioned the Court of Connacht, High Queen Oona & High King Finvarra to resume the Kingdom's rightful place amongst the many Fae Kingdoms and Peerage. For the last several years they have attended the Village of Fairyblossom for the Midsummer Games, watching over the New Kingdom's growth in the absence of another monarch.

Fairyblossom Website

Fairyblossom Facebook

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Fairyblossom Twitter

Awards, Mentions, Publicity[]

Oddmall Ambassador on New Day NW King 5

On the jumbotron supporting Roller-derby

Cascadia Mythos Film (2018)
The Daily Chronicle (2018)
New Day Northwest King 5 (2017)
The Daily Chronicle (2016)
The Chronicle (2015)
Everett Herald (2014)
On King 5 News
Faerie Magazine
The Kent Reporter
The Auburn Reporter
Canterbury Faire, Channel 8 News Shorts
Pearody Blog Feature, Wenatchee Renfaire
The Spokesman Review, SpoCon Sci-fi/Fantasy Convention

Pennons Bardic Award

-- Recognition of Service to High Queen Oona 2018
-- Canterbury Service to Queen Elizabeth I 2012
-- Orycon Hall Costume Award 2010
-- Orycon Hall Costume Award 2009
-- Pennons Bardic Champion 2005
-- Norwescon Hall Costume Award 2005

Noble Art of Music.


  • Lolly does not like chocolate, but loves gummy candy
  • She has a penchant for rhyming that comes in quite handy
  • Her strange relationship with time causes her to embody the phrase "fashionably late"
  • It is secretly rumored that she is a member of the Glitteratti
  • She may have perpetrated shenanigans by swiping Queen Elizabeth's throne and hiding it at Oberon's Three Penny Tavern

Faerie Pageantry[]

Reviewing treatises, royal missives and other long-winded parchments - humans call it work!

Let it not be said that the Fair Folk do not love their bells and whistles. There are sigils, crests and banners for everything, everywhere and everyone! With but a symbol we can communicate so many stories and history. Here are some of mine :)

Kingdom of Storms[]

Kingdom of Storms

This is the sigil for the Kingdom of Storms which roughly comprises the PNW: Washington, Oregon, Idaho and Alaska. As home to one of the seven temperate rainforests in the world, Storms was an apropos name for this fairy kingdom of the new world due to the fantastic weather around the region.

Duchies of Lilac Fields and Cascadia[]

Duchy of Lilac Fields

Cascadia Sigil3.gif

In the mundane realm, this territory is known as Eastern Washington. To Western Washington residents, it's known as "the other side of the mountains". These are the lands that were granted to me upon my birth and the place of my "home faire".

Known to humans as the greater Seattle area (give or take a bit north and south) and to Eastern Washington residents as "the other side of the mountains". When I was old enough to live on my own, I came to the Emerald City where I was granted this Duchy.

Tír Eolas Academy[]

Woodcut gift from WenRen.

Crest of Tír Eolas

Tír Eolas Academy is located in a secret location deep within the Mosscreep Forest of Cascadia. In the Old Kingdom, Princess Lolly attended its hallowed halls along with many other fae who rose to prominence, Gentry and Trouping alike.

For time immemorial, the magical student body of Tír Eolas has provided a subtle pool of potential members for secret and elite Fae Orders of all manner, including the Crystal Circle.

Other Known Fairy Schools

Álfaskólinn (Elf School) in the Kingdom of Álftaver (Iceland)

The Sidhe Grove in the Kingdom of Pacifica (SW United States)

Elysia's School for Fairies Kingdom of Meluhha (India)

Mahlorian Green Craft

Order of the Silver Oak[]

File:Silverleaf Sigil.gif

Order of the Silver Oak

The Silver Oak is an order across several fairy kingdoms that recognizes excellent service and noble deeds to Faerie kind. I was awarded this for having struck an accord between the Seelie and Unseelie courts.

Fae Friends![]

Grinchly Morbid dares to take toys from Krampus!

Count Albin Morbid III the Sluagh[]

Count Morbid is one of Lolly's oldest friends, having been in service to her family for an uncertain amount of generations. He is a regular humbug gloom-cookie filled with Adams Family-esque sarcastic witicisms. As a Sluagh, he does not speak above a whisper.

Ion at Thornewood Castle

Ion the Leprechaun[]

Gotta keep your EYE ON the Leprechaun or he may disappear! Ha, ha! Get it? Ion, Eye-on? Ion is our resident expert in human magic, which they call science. He can often be found exploring the muggle arts and making a mess out of his Alchemy Lab.

Gunther at Manresa Castle

Jarl Gunther Hammerhands[]

Gunther is a Mountain Troll, descendant of the renowned Jotun who has joined the court in the Kingdom of Storms as warrior and guardian. He brings with him the traditions and knowledge of his people in order to help educate others about Trolls, and show that not all of them are of the nasty internet breed!

Famous Dana the Boggan[]

If there is a thing that needs mending, cooking, crafting or otherwise getting done, don't be surprised if it happens like magic while you weren't looking! Famous Dana is the best of Boggan qualities when it comes to all things involving organization