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Welcome to Fantasy Arts Entertainment (F.A.E.) Productions! Welcome to Fantasy Arts Entertainment (F.A.E.) Productions! Welcome to Fantasy Arts Entertainment (F.A.E.) Productions! We are an event production group that creates a variety of content including but not limited to: LARP Festivals, Socials & Meetups, Online Games & Content, YouTube Live-streams, Workshops, Geocaching Hunts & Finds, Interactive Quests and more!

Mission: Enchant the Earth! To keep magic, folklore, and fairytales alive through the use of present day tools such as event production, gaming, live-action role-play, performing arts, videography, workshops and community that educate, preserve, create and actualize both the historical tradition and modern incarnations of fairytales. We breathe life into the avatars and stories that are within each of us, recording them as real-life fairy tales in the spirit of manifesting dreams and imagination.


Fairyblossom Midsummer Games 2022 is on! June 24-26 - No tickets necessary! Upgrade on our Patreon to a VIP badge entry for premium parking & camping and in-game bonuses!

You may check your current dross totals in the Fe Vault.

Create a Persona with this creation sheet! [1]

Record Transactions: Bean Counter

HEDGE Chronicles

On Discord Come join our Urban Fantasy LARP and play! This is our virtual portal for getting involved with the realm, community, events and games that comprise the Fairyblossom Festival, Samhain Dumb Supper, Applebash Harvest and more!

Getting Started: Important Pages

Rules of the Realm: The rules we abide by at all gatherings READ THIS FIRST!!

Barkscrolls: Our story thus far. In chronological order from newest to oldest, read about what has been happening in the Realm of New Faerie.

Fairy Coyne aka Dross: Earning, Spending, Uses

Census: Who lives where? Find your tribe! This is a list of all those who have crossed the Hedge into the Enchanted Lands and where you can find them.

Class & Rank: Definitions of classes, ranks, titles

Heraldic Registry: Official listing of all registered Heraldic Crests

Orders & Guilds: Official listing of all registered Orders and Guilds

Service to the Kingdom: Merits, Achievements

Setting: Where in world are we?

Vault of the Fae: A list of all existing Enchanted Items?

☆:*¨¨*:★Map of Turtle Island☆:*¨¨*:★

Turtle Island Map1.jpg

Kingdom of Storms

Kingdom of Apples

Kingdom of Big Skye

Kingdom of Burning Sun

Kingdom of Feathered Snake

Kingdom of Grass

Kingdom of Nuestria

Kingdom of Northern Ice

Kingdom of Pacifica

Kingdom of Rolling Hills

Kingdom of Shimmering Waters

Kingdom of White Sands

Kingdom of Willows

☆:*¨¨*:★Map of the Goblin Kingdom☆:*¨¨*:★

Goblin Kingdom Map1.jpg

Realm of Choreanth

Realm of Tahryael

Realm of Suulien

Realm of Endrenfel

Realm of Folaigh

Realm of Dahrenwood

Realm of Hyhrnach

☆:*¨¨*:★Map of Isle of the Mighty☆:*¨¨*:★

Isle of the Mighty.jpg

Kingdom of Caledonia

Kingdom of Chalk

Kingdom of Cymru

Kingdom of Heather

Kingdom of Mists

Kingdom of Roses

Kingdom of Smoke

☆:*¨¨*:★Map of High Kingdom of Hibernia☆:*¨¨*:★


Kingdom of Ulster

Kingdom of Connaught --Knockmaa Hill

Kingdom of Leinser

Kingdom of Munster

The Fairy Market

Fairy Market Sandwyk.jpg
Where ever you go, there is Faerie. If you know how to look, you can find the magical merchants of the wide world out there, sprinkled amongst the normies. Purchase from these vendors, show us proof-of-purchase, and your item will become Enchanted for use in virtual game and/or festival play!

Click here to enter the Fairy Market

Handmade Home Shopping

In an effort to help support our merchants & artists (especially in this time of quarantine for C-19) we will be opening up our online YouTube/Facebook platforms to host a weekly shopping Livestream, spotlighting handmade makers and indy artists, musicians and authors.