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           This order, dedicated to the pursuit of tactical sorcery and divination in all its forms, is said to have originated with the a race of black-eyed, albino-skinned people, thought to have resided in Appalachia.  They were noted for their mysterious construction of stone structures up and down the coast. They were possessed of an uncanny ability to shape and work with stone, including using them for runic fortune-telling, arrowheads and more.

Some say the name “moon-eyed” was initially meant to denote their inability to see very well in the light.  Other tales hold that it was because the moon reflected brightly in the pools of their black eyes as they worked at night, building and forging the the bones of the land.

As with similarly magical ancient races, they seemed to have disappeared into the earth as populations encroached. There are those who carried on with their traditions of prognostication and spell-slinging and in time, they became known as the Order of Moonshadow.

Eventually, the name ‘moon-eyed people’ came to be associated with those who had the ability to “see in the darkness”, that is, to interpret the meanings and signs of augury or otherwise work in occlusion. Many have sought their consultation, from Kings to paupers, regarding the members of this Order as having the finest of skills in this arena of omens and fortune-telling.

If you can find them, always be prepared to offer something in trade for their services or skills.

History in the Kingdom of Storms

The Order of Moonshadow is rumored to have played a major part in the succession of the Kingdom of Storms from the Kingdom of Pacifica. It is said that Duke Davain (soon to be the new King of Storms) consulted the Order before going to the nobles with his intention to succeed.

It is also known that the new King Davain went to the Order when the storms ravaged the Kingdom, and that it was they who told him of the great Scepter of Storms and of how to end the disasters sweeping the land.

As payment for this aid, the Order extracted the price of the ability to not be held accountable for what may come as a result of their auguries. May each reap what their own actions sow. This decree would come to be called the “Proclamation of Omens”.

Organization and Ideals[]

The Order is serious when it come to their members. They take the pact with the Kingdom of Storms very seriously. They prefer prospects for their ranks to have some demonstrable skill in divinatory arts, be it runes, scrying, leaf reading, oracle, tarot or some other form. The prospect ideally also shows intelligence, resolve, loyalty, dedication, as well as the ability to adapt and teach.

The Order likes to watch its members grow and follow their progress. Typically reports are submitted to the High Counselor (or his appointed assistant)  on a regular basis by the Counselor’s in the order. These reports contain information on the assignments they have been given as well as personal research or projects they were working on. This report should also contain updates on the progress of any Initiates or Adepts under the Counselors tutelage.

The Order is also about teaching and working together to better each other and the Order. Members who have the need to learn things, need of support for research or just help in general, the Order is there.

Structure  and Organization[]

The Testing

To become a member of the Order, a prospect must demonstrate his skills, and knowledge of the Order’s history and basic tenets.


After the prospect has passed all tests, they are then brought into the Order, with the permission of the High Counselor, and given the title of Initiate. At this level they are taught the inner workings of the Order. The Initiate must first learn the ways of the Order and display their ability to abide by the tenants and customs of the Order before moving on to the next stage.


Once competency in the working of the Order are displayed and the Initiate’s ability to follow instruction proven, they are awarded the title of Adept. At this level they are instructed in the Ars Magica by other established members. They also work with Counselors as their apprentices and aid them as. On top of their studies, they is also responsible for teaching Initiates the ways of the order and preparing them for accession to Adept.


Obtaining this title signifies full membership in the Order, once and Adept has completed their training to the satisfaction of the Taghairm (overseeing Council).  If the Adept passes they is raised into the Order as a full member with all the rights and privileges.

If the Adept fails, the members of the Taghairm take responsibility as failing in their duties to help the growth of their members and vouch to assist the learner in their needs.

The duties of the Counselor are to fulfill any needs that the Order may have of them, to research the nature of The Realm, and to ensure a the way for the Order to always survive should winter befall the land.


Members of the Taghairm are always number 3 or 5, to be chosen from the Counselors. A Counselor can only be come a member by a vote of full members of the Order. They may be removed by leaving their position or by vote of the full members of the Order.

They duties are governing the Order, keeping the focus and vision of the Orders goals, and sit as jury in tribunal when necessary. They are responsible for running the Order and for upholding and implementing the standards, goals and ideals of the Order.

History of Membership


Duchess Pheobe Lodestar Acheron

Countess Lucidya DeVie of the County of Winds

Count Amalric of the Haunted Woods

Baron Elphin ap Emrys