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In response to the all call to locate and return the missing High King Finvarra amidst the Spring Thaw, the Order was re-established by the former Count of Northern Skye and the Landvættir Bjorn Greyheart in an effort both bring glory and honor to the Kingdom of Storms as well as recover the Sceptre which the High Queen took from the Kingdom until her husband was returned.


Several Fae have stepped forward to assist as new recruits. It remains to be seen who will pass the tests to become the first members of the renewed Order. As of the Lughnasadh eve meeting on July 31st, 2021 the new Order's official prospects are:


“Listen my brethren, and I will tell you of our Order’s origins.”

Not long ago as you know, the Kingdom of Storms seceded from the Kingdom of Pacifica, bringing with it terrible storms that raged across the land. It was foretold by King Davain’s mystics and scholars that he must quest for, and retrieve the Nunnehi Treasure known as the Scepter of Storms. With this he could truly be King and push back the tide of storms that ravaged the land.

It was also foretold that the King must chose 6 of the greatest Knights in the land, one from each of the houses, to quest for the Treasures of Talon the Brave. It was these Enchanted items that would allow him to reach the Scepter and bring it home.

So the King held a great tourney on Midsummer, searching for the greatest Knights in the land. Contestants from all over the Kingdom met in the lists to prove their worth and prowess. The tourney lasted one week. At the end, six Knights remained.

The King quickly called out for others to accompany him on his quest for the Scepter. Gentry and Trouping fae from across the Kingdom flocked to his call. They could smell the legend in the making and wished to be a part of it. After all, who could resist history in the making?

The six Knights, taking with them only one squire if they chose, set forth to seek the Treasures of Talon which had been lost long since. The king, taking with him his retainers and vassals, also set of into the dreaming to search for the Scepter of Storms. He knew he would not be able to reach the Scepter if the Knights did not succeed in their quests, but he planned to be ready when they did.

After a long and hard journey, after many trials along the way, the king did reach his destination, but found his way blocked by hordes of mundanity’s creatures and beings. With a battle cry and a charge, the king and his vassals attacked the horde. They had not come this far simply to fail when their goal was in sight. The battle raged on for days. Many perished on that battle field. The horde swept over them like the tide, threatening to drag them under. Still there was no sign of the Six. If they did not arrive soon, all would be lost.

The tale of the six knights is mostly unknown to this day. How they found the Treasures of Talon is unknown. How they found each other is unknown. How they found the location of the King and the battle field is also unknown.

What is known, is that on the fourth day of that terrible battle, called the Battle of Tears, over all the noise of the fighting a trumpet was heard. For one second all combat stopped as they looked up to see where it had come from. On top of a hill, with the sun setting behind them, sat the knights atop their steeds. Blowing the trumpet again they charged. ==== A great roar went up from the troops of King Davain and they saw the six come riding hard over that hill. Their energy renewed, their spirits lifted, they re-entered the battle as if new to the fight.

The Six together were unstoppable. With in what seemed like minutes they had turned the tide and had the enemy on the run. Finding King Davain, they lead him to the resting place of the Scepter and retrieved it.

That night there was a celebration among those who traveled this long journey. Much celebrating was done, for their quest was at an end.

That night the Six took a vow in the presence of the King and Scepter.

Never would they let the enchanted Treasures of Talon fall into enemy hands. Never would they allow them to come together as one under one person. They would create an order of Knights to serve the Crown and the Realm in times of need.

Should they ever leave these duties, they would choose a worthy successor to fill their shoes. Should they ever die, the others would so choose their replacement. For never should these treasures be owned by one man or woman. Never should these treasures be used to harm Crown or Kingdom.

From that day forward they would be known as the Order of the Scepter, Champions of the Realm, Defenders of the Soil and Protectors of the Crown.


This Knightly Order was originated under the rulership of King Davain when his rightful establishment on the throne of Storms was endorsed by the land.  As legend tells, the Sceptre of Storms contains the power of all the natural elements of the Kingdom within it and has the ability to see the truth in the heart of any man.

Much like the legendary sword in the stone, only the rightful monarch of the Kingdom is ever able to wield the Sceptre of Storms, for it has been known to otherwise strike pretenders affirmatively down.

When King Davain ascended, he brought together a specialized group of Folk in order to see to the protection of the Sceptre.  They are dedicated to see to the safety of both it, and whoever might currently wield it. Six of those Knights are granted a special treasure to help them in this duty.

In recent winter years however, the Order has been left to shambles. Almost all that remains are the memories of those who once upheld their duty with honour.


The Order of the Sceptre was formed after the Great Quest to retrieve the Scepter of Storms and bring peace to a land devastated by great storms.

Their purpose is to protect the crown, the kingdom, the Scepter, each other, and to keep the Treasures of Talon from falling into the wrong hands or under the control of one person.

One knight may carry one Enchanted Item. When they no longer wished to be bound by this responsibility, or could no longer fulfill their chosen duty, the Treasure would be passed on to a chosen successor to take his place.

After the Great Quest was finished, the six founded the order and opened it up to those Knights who journeyed with the King on the quest. Some joined, some did not.

Taking the members that chose to join, the six began training them in the ideals and the ways of the order they had founded.

The Six originally lead the Order as its founders, heads of the order.  When one chooses to pass on and leave the order, or can no longer fulfill their duties accordingly, the Treasure of Talon is passed by ritual to a chosen successor.

The ideals of the Order of the Scepter became codified after the quest. They are as follows:

  1. Protection of the Crown, the Scepter, and the sacred Treasures of Talon above all.
  2. Never will a member of this order put his own personal gain before this charge.
  3. Always will we come to the aid of our brethren in time of need.
  4. Always will we defend that in our sacred charge, even though it cost our very lives.
  5. Always uphold and follow the code of Chivalry and Valor.


Sir Alithar “The Ghost”

Sir Kiernan of Ruby Spires

Sir Valaius Khendon

Sir Frandrake

Sir Gerret Walton