New Faerie Wiki

Persona Development[]

Envisioning the sort of creature you want personify can be a vague process, especially for those new to the inhabitants of the enchanted realms, or those new to the concept(s) of LARPing, Gaming and/or Character Creation.

This document has been designed to help you define and bring forth a little bit more about the persona you wish to embody and create with regards, but not limited to, FAE Productions events.  We are in the habit of donning our personas and venturing out into the Normie world at large (on social outings and meetups that we call Shenanigans :).

Regardless of your creature type, the goal of using this document is to help you get in touch with your persona a little deeper and assist in the outward portrayal thereof.

Persona Outline[]

  1. What is your normie name? (e.g. John Doe)
  2. What is your Persona name? (e.g. Mumble Clawfist, Brand Mistgrove)
  3. Do you have a Nickname? (e.g. Steven 'Steel' Raith)
  4. What type of creature are you? (e.g. Satyr/Faun, Pixie, Sidhe, Sluagh, Giant, Troll, Dwarf, Niskie, Centaur, Mermaid, Poukha, Brownie, Redcap, Duende, Kitsune, Mogwai, Elves, Tommyknockers, Menehune, Aelfs, Gnomes, Vaesen, Will o’the Wisp, Jotun, Leprechaun, etc. Whatever you can imagine to be, you can be it, you are not limited to this list here.)
  5. Are you Seelie or Unseelie? (Your primary alignment, which do you associate with as default) 
  6. Where is your Persona from? Faerie, also called the “Hidden Realms” completely overlaps everyplace on earth.  While it may be experienced more easily or powerfully in certain locations, it is still everywhere. (e.g. Kingdom of...Storms (NW US), Eire (Ireland), Caledonia (Scotland), Nuestria (France), The Black Forest, Hyperborea, some other lands or realms? etc.) [This is our New World map:]  A good example of how the enchanted realm is hidden in plain site is to look up the “nick-name” of your city on Wikipedia - you may find that your city has a colorful moniker that you never really thought about!  Portland, OR for example, is the City of Roses. Chicago: Windy City. Seattle: Emerald City, New York: Big Apple, and so on….
  7. What is the physical appearance of your Persona? Pointed ears? Horns? Hooved feet? Whiskers? Tail? Fin? Is your skin pale, dark, green, blue, something else?  How about your hair? Wings?
  8. How do you dress? Natural colors/cloth? Fancy? Medieval/Renaissancy? Leaves and greenery?  Modern tie-dye? Leathers and armour? There is not right or wrong, only what you envision and choose.
  9. Do you have an accent?  If so, what is it like?
  10. Name at least 3 skills that you actually have, everyone can do something! (singing, arts/crafts, building/construction, sports/athletics, swords/archery/combat, write, play an instrument, slight of hand, cooking, weaving/knitting, storytelling/barding, diplomacy, fixing things, math/puzzles, magical arts, drawing/painting/graphic design, speak multiple languages, YOU ARE NOT LIMITED TO THIS LIST!:
  11. Name at least 3 of your hobbies (these may or may not overlap with skills)!
  12. Name 3 things you love <3
  13. Name 3 things you detest :P
  14. Tell us something about your persona story!  How did you wake up and discover your enchanted self?  Was it a sudden epiphany, or a slow and drowsy realization?  Did you just feel like you really connected with a certain culture or creature or is/was it a process of transforming into what you envision?
  15. Name at least one thing that you are afraid/paranoid of: (this could be public speaking, spiders, making mistakes, taking tests, meeting new people, germs, heights, glitter, etc.)

If you could work on changing one thing about yourself, what would it be? Perhaps learning better communication, or patience, or developing a talent or skill?  Increasing your knowledge, or overcoming a limitation or fear? Perhaps you wish to change something physical like your appearance or dress style?

  1. What is your theme song(s) (Hi-Ho!)?
  2. Quotes that you identify with?