Type: Bakeneko

Class: Mellyrn


Court: Unseelie

Realm Tree: Duchy of Shifting Sands, Kingdom of Pacifica, New Faerie

Stormi the Bakeneko1.jpg

Background: Once Upon a Time...

The Bakeneko ("changed cat") is a type of Japanese yōkai, or supernatural creature. It is often confused with the nekomata, another cat-like yōkai. The distinction between them is often ambiguous, but the largest difference is that the Nekomata has two tails, while the Bakeneko has only one.

Faerie Heraldry

Stormifae Crest1.gif
Personal Crest of the Bakeneko, Stormi the Fairy. She is an un-landed Faerie residing in Meadow City (Las Vegas), within the Duchy of Shifting Sands, Kingdom of Pacifica.Heraldic Registry

Awards, Titles, Honorifics



Titles: Keeper of the Vault of Fe




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